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WOW Your Audience!
And Own Any Room With Confidence & Charisma
Whether in a virtual or in-person encounter this 
FREE Workshop will show you 
How to WOW and captivate your audience with 
every word you say, in every room you set foot on
In This Free Workshop You Will...
  • Understand why people are not fully listening to you and what to do to get their attention
  • Find out what is the secret to craft a message which is engaging and memorable
  • Discover the gestures and ways of speaking that can diminish your credibility and how to avoid them
  • Find out how to address anxiety and nervousness so you come across with confidence instead of "sounding like a girl"
  • Get to know my Strategy to keep the audience fully connected with you in any room you set foot on, whether in a job interview, a meeting, a conference, virtually or in person

Walk into any room and knock the audience's socks off. 
Manage the audience's energy and engagement. 
It just takes planning, preparation and practice. 

Let's face it. We all can feel intimidated and insecure when entering "certain rooms". 
However, you can learn what it takes for captivating an audience and have full control of the room.

In this FREE Workshop I'll teach you how to make lasting impressions and own any room you walk into (virtual or in person), even if you're feeling shy.

  I'll show you how to tap into your self confidence, identify the keys to executive presence and the practical strategies for addressing anxiety and fear, whether it's a job interview, a meeting, a conference, 
virtually or in person. 

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This Free Workshop is for you if you know that you have an 
important message to share and you...
  • Are frustrated because you don't know how to keep your audience engaged
  • Want to have a clear message so you don't stumble on your own words
  • Are not feeling confident and comfortable when presenting
  • Want to WOW your audience when speaking and presenting so you can attract more clients or accelerate your career

Become that charismatic person who captures the audience's attention in every word you say every time you speak to them.

And, very importantly, become the charismatic leader who inspires and makes lasting impact while bringing the support, motivation and solutions your clients and peers are looking for,​ especially in the current times.

Hi, I'm Tulia Lopes, your workshop leader.

Since 2014 I have been working with ambitious professional women who want to command the energy and engagement of the room with their message and presence, so they can be a role model to others and move their career and business forward and to a higher level.

Once they found and owned their authentic voice they were able to position themselves as experts in their industry, get promoted, a raise, hired, and gained more respect from their management and peers.

The fact is lady, "nice girls don't get the corner office."

Join me in this Free Workshop where I will show you my 5 Steps Strategy to help you to Own Any Room with Confidence & Charisma.

See you inside 🌹